International Journal of Orthopaedics Research

Online ISSN: 2663-0923
Print ISSN: 2663-0915

Vol. 1, Issue 3 (2019)

Ipsilateral hip dislocation with knee fracture dislocation: A rare combination

Author(s): Jindal M, Agarwal S, Arya A, Garg Keerty, Gandhi V, Gupta SR, Arya S, Aseem Garg
Abstract: Simultaneous occurrence of ipsilateral hip dislocation with knee fracture dislocation is a rare combination of injuries caused by high energy trauma with motor vehicle accidents and sporting injuries accounting for maximum number of cases. There is also paucity of literature on these types of injuries so there are high chances of overlooking one injury in the presence of other. The clinician should perform a thorough examination to avoid this error. The patient requires prompt attention, resuscitation and urgent reduction of joint dislocation. The prognosis is excellent if dealt with meticulously, otherwise it may become an ordeal for both the patient and the treating doctor.
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